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What takes you out for split seconds in your Relationship? You know, when you feel like you just can’t do it anymore!

Who’s in control of your life? You’re Ego or Your Soul?

Did you answer: My soul!

A cousin of mine posted a comment on FB and it made me realize last week I was having the same conversation with my kids. Then I got the nudge to share it with all of you here at LTMS too. Because it pertains to where most relationships are lived from too.

In any of your relationships have experienced people who criticize and judge your actions and choices?

Love Thy Marriage Soul

Let your heart lead!

It’s our journey to be in co-creation with our soul, using our inner GPS (your intuition).  I know this is easier said than done when you have been conditioned by our society to live from an ego controlled center instead.  Most find it hard to break free of that comfort zone. Therefore, lash out to others around them. In the form of control and manipulation. This all done to keep them and you in their safe zone.  This is most commonly done in a love relationship. The ego has you believing this is done because it’s love. When it’s actually done from a place of fear.

What people are saying and doing to you, is a mirror of how they feel on the inside, and do not to take it personally because it’s their issue.  It’s their energy, not yours, you don’t have to take it into your energy field.   This is easier said than done, believe me. Especially if it has comes from a family member or someone you thought was a good friend.

Learn to protect yourself, your energy field, your soul, from those around you. I learned a great meditation called, “A Blessing Ball of Light” from the “Love or Above” program. This helps you when you need a way to step into this way of being. To assure that you don’t take on someone else’s energy that is not in alignment you. Because in the long run it will take you from consciousness to unconsciousness.  when you go to unconsciousness you are no longer in connection with your soul.

Do you find this happening in your relationship with your sacred partner a lot?

With simple household chores that are not followed through on….you know, the one where he never takes the garbage out, when you want it done.  Do you find yourself barking at him over it? Then Stop. A, it’s not working anyway and it’s just demoralizing him even more.  When you do this you have given your power over to your ego.  The same place your partner is.

The money issues you have….Are you taking it on because of  your partner’s energy on how they are with money issues? Now yes, you may have household money & bills, but it doesn’t mean that you have to take on your partner’s energy and beliefs toward the issue.

When two people in a relationship are in a place of unconsciousness together it becomes a black hole. The black hole of misery.  This is where fear is feed. Stay away! Stay very far away from getting sucked into living your life from fear.  If you use your mind and not your heart this is where you begin the belief that HE is the problem…and you begin that self-talk of….”What is wrong with him” or “what have I done marrying this lazy person”.

What is your “go to” ego sentence or action that you resort to when something isn’t done they way you want? Come on you know what I’m referring to. The slamming of the bedroom door. Or giving the cold shoulder or silent treatment. Or my go to one is not speaking up, remaining mute. Just to keep the peace and not cause any disturbance. It took me a long time before I admitted I did this and understand how out of Integrity this was with myself, my soul.


Come on be honest with yourself did you admit to any of the above actions? Awareness is the key to moving and shifting these ego controlled habits.

Did you just realize how much you are living your life and your relationship from your ego and not your soul?


Would you be surprised to know that you are not responsible for the “how” and the “when” on things that you desire?  That my dear is what we call surrendering to Divine timing.

Instead, become aware of what is going on, in the moment. Stop and ask yourself some of these questions:

Is this my belief or his belief?

Is this desire that “I think” I want an ego controlled desire.

Is this a desire from my soul, my highest self?

Remember to FEEL the answer. When you are connected you should feel the energy in your body. Example for me my insides feel like butterfly fluttering fiercely  and in particular, my abdomen. Haven’t quite gotten the connection to feel it in my limbs yet. I know that will come in time the more I live in connection with my soul.

You are meant to live your life from a place of nothing but pure LOVE! Do any anything with Love and including those bills and chores and you will be amazed at what will open up for you and your relationship?

Would love to know if you thought you have been living from your soul or your ego, share a comment below!

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