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What Role Do You Give Your Love?

Your love journey began long before you walk down the isle, right? It’s the reason you said “yes” and are making that commitment.

Your marriage will bring to the surface a new level of love that you have not yet understood and experienced. The first phase of that journey will be for you to really discover you.

As you begin to align with you, one of the most important questions you can ask yourself is:

What role do I assign to Love?

At its very basic level, it gives you the ability to feel affection, have compassion, and intimacy.

But very few of us actually give and receive Love at its most basic form.  When we give our Love away we have attached a lot of strings or rules in order to feel right with “it” in our lives. Love is tangled up with sex, guilt, and a person feeling whole and complete.

To begin to see the various roles you have given Love in your life, here are a few questions.


Are you in a fog about your love?

  • Can your life be happy and joyous without giving and receiving Love?
  • Do people with Love seem happier? More at peace?
  • Is Love from a partner the only way you feel fulfilled?
  • Do you feel better when you consistently have a partner to feed your Love bank?


The more tangled and rooted the strings and rules, the thicker the fog has set in around Love. For example, if you hold a belief that you are not worthy of a true Love but hold a fascination with love story’s, then your subconscious is wanting to create the situation in your life where you can be lovable?

If you need your partner to give a lot of undivided attention (in the form you think of as love) in order to feel fulfilled, however, you can’t give yourself the same amount you’re asking for, then how will you know what to feel when you have received it?

Take five minutes right now and ask yourself, “What role do I assign Love?” Awareness is the first step to demystifying your love fog (beliefs).

Coming in August a Teleseminar on Demystifying your Love Fog!

Would love to see some comments on what you discovered are some of your strings and rules.  Post a comment below or on our Facebook page.

  1. Nice advice, give love and receive love, always be positive with yourselves and with your partner too :).

    • Thanks for stopping by Ellen. Love your tip on giving and receiving love. Most have a dominant one that they are okay with, but have trouble with the other.

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