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Top 10 Ego Behaviors That Will Block Connection With Your Spouse

Your spouse wants to connect with you!

Are you and your spouse exspressing soul love or ego love?

Top 10 Ego behaviors that keep you from connection with your spouse

But if you are loving from your ego and not your soul you will have a hard time in receiving or having that level of connection you are desiring with your spouse.

We all seek that elusive quality of connection and intimacy. Here are some things you can place your awareness on and STOP letting your ego use these behaviors against you. Your ego creates an illusion making you think these actions are love but the reality is they are not.

Your spouse will love you when you Be, Feel, and Express soul love not ego love. Tweet That!

1. Using Guilt or Manipulation. When you guilt or manipulate your spouse for your own benefit.

2. Blaming. Your response to any situation is your choice. Try making it a learning opportunity—taking responsibility is empowering on a soul level. It moves the power away from your ego when you take responsibility.

3. Controlling. It doesn’t help you feel good about yourself. Honor your boundaries, but make space for others’ needs and choices, too. It’s not your way or the highway. Relax into your feminine side. It’s yearning to be set free. In fact, the more I have stepped into my feminine side and not feared it the controlling urges have diminished.

Curious to know if you are? You can take this quiz to see how controlling you are.

4. Criticizing. We are all unique and different, not better or worse. Appreciate the differences instead of zeroing in on shortcomings. Do you criticize yourself constantly? I know my ego used to. So because I let it criticize me I then did it about others too.

5. Whining. Complaining is ineffective, whereas asking for what you want is liberating. So many of us are taught that asking for things is selfish. But the truth is that asking for what you want, when it comes from you soul, not the ego, is knowing your value and worth. Because you are a blessing to all those around you. But it’s up to you Know it and Be it!

6. Clinging to what is known. When you’re feeling afraid or insecure, be willing to let go of the familiar, take a risk and try something new. Your marriage, by design, is to help you evolve and grow toward your higher self. Your marriage will help you shed the old beliefs and stories you have held onto as part of you, but chance are those beliefs and stores are not you.

7. Being Ungrateful. Stay aware of all the gifts and blessings that you do have. Express gratitude and happiness will follow. Your daily journal is a great place to record everything you are grateful for. The ego trap is making you focus on being ungrateful and therefore, attracting more of it. Being grateful changes the frequency of your energy to bring you more of the goodness you are seeking.

8. Preaching. Another form of judging. Find more fun and empowering ways to share your knowledge. Your spouse will be repulsed over time if you come at him preaching. Chances are he might even mistake it as his mother! Ouch. I know.

The things our ego has us believing is love, really isn’t. Try giving your spouse your point of view in the form of a question and yes watch the tone in which you say it. If it comes out with sarcasm you might as well have just done the preaching. Your spouse will then “think” on your perspective. Then wait. No dialogue until he comes back to talk about it when he’s ready. Chances are, he will.

9. Negative Self-talk. Train yourself to notice your mind’s chatter (this is your ego). Working towards changing negative thoughts to positive ones will transform your life. The opposite of self-love is self-sabotage and the negative self-talk keeps self-love at bay.

10. Fear. Don’t let fear get in the way of progress. Fear is the essence of your ego. Just as Love is the essence of your soul. Whatever you’ve been dreaming, get going on it. “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” Love is just on the other side of fear.
There you have the top 10 ego behaviors.

Has your ego been having you use any of them toward your spouse?

When you stop letting your ego use these actions, you can be happier, more fulfilled and be love from within, on a soul level.

Take Your Power Back From Your Ego

By taking your power back from your ego, this will begin shifting your relationship you have with your spouse. And most importantly you will shift yourself on how you are living a more soul-centered life vs. and ego-centered life.

Know that this will take time. So don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t change overnight. That’s ego illusion again. When you want something right now and you feel like throwing a tantrum.

To change these ego behaviors awareness of when you are using them will be the biggest step you can take. So many times we think it’s some kind of action and there will be a time for that. But awareness has so much power on its own.

I remembered the first day I caught what my ego was doing to me toward Stanley man. It does take some time to catch these actions as the are happening. In the beginning, just know, that you will see the ego actions most likely later when you are reflecting on the event. It’s taken me four years, on my own (wish I would have had a coach to help me), to be able to catch them as they are happening. I’m here if you need help with getting you ego thoughts and action in control.

Your Turn

Have you been letting your ego control your love and actions you give and receive?

From your spouse?

From Others? And most of all from yourself?

Which one are you going to begin committing to stopping your ego and get a control on it? Share in the comments below.

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