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My Spouse Mirror Moments: My Meltdown, NO Breakthrough Over His Yummy Spaghetti Dinner

My spouse is a mirror for me too.

It was a busy night with one kid here and another there, and one at work. So Stan helped to make dinner.

My Spouse is a mirror for me

Our spouses are mirrors for us. No matter when. Even over a yummy spaghetti dinner.

This night neither of us felt like going to town and get all of the right supplies for the dinner. So Stan compromised and used what spaghetti noodles we had and mixed in another kind of noodle. He used a fettuccini noodle.

Okay, I was on edge from the mixing of these two types noodles together, then when he said “It’s done” and I came out to dish my plate, I began to lose it. Why? It was not all mixed together. He also kept the meat & sauce separate from the noodles this night too. Something we don’t usually do.

I choose to sit at the peninsula and attempt to eat because by now I am crying like a baby.

Why did I lose it over his yummy spaghetti?

First, let me ask you, would you have gotten upset with your partner or spouse and tell him or even yell at him that he was doing it wrong?

Be honest.

Yup, me too before this relationship.

But see the reason I lost it. Is because I needed to release something from my past.

All I kept hearing in my head ever since he decided to use the two types of noodles was my mother saying “you can’t do anything right.” And “you won’t be able to do anything ever without me.”

So I knew in that moment, that it wasn’t about him doing something wrong or different.

It was about what I needed to release and heal from my past. So I let it out. I cried like a baby. I didn’t hide it either.

He ended up coming into the kitchen and seeing me. And once I released it out of my head and body I then explained to him what was going on.

So now yes it’s a joke in our home about cooking pasta with two types of noodles. Years ago I would not have been cool with this. But, I am learning more and more that it’s okay to be vulnerable in front of him or with him. That is the journey in marriage we are all on.

Oh and the whole me crying like a baby. A couple years ago, I would have never of showed a vulnerability in front of anyone. I would have only done it when I was alone with myself.  Because of my mirror work, I am growing in strength about showing and being in my vulnerable side, my feminine side. Because that has been a lot of my mirror work since being in this relationship with Stan.

He has helped me to be okay with me being and showing my feminine side.

Coming up soon I will talk about the top 5 foundational key things I have done to help make my relationship emotionally stable.  I’ll be introducing a 5-day challenge all bout those 5 foundational things I have an emotionally stable relationship in that coming post. 

I would love to hear from you

Do you have any mirror moments you want to share?

Post them in the comments below. I can’t wait to read them.

Peace, Love & Joy,


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