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My Spouse Mirror Moments: I missed this one.

Morning. I wanted to share with you how I, even as aware as I am of my partner, Stanley, being a mirror for me missed a reflection recently. And it’s been in front of me a lot.

Jen Slack's Journal Time

Journaling at 2 a.m. too.

And it came into my full consciousness today at 2am this morning.

Yes, I’ve been awake since 2 am today. I was told to get up and write. So I obeyed, a little unwillingly. But after an hour in bed and some time on the couch, I knew it was inevitable to avoid.

So the reflections is:
1. He’s been telling me I’m grumpy a lot lately.

And what’s my reply; No, I’m not. And yes, I get the look.

So my consistency biz coach pointed out to me some things to me and since we were at the end of our session she wanted me to read “Ask and It Is Given” a book by Abraham Hicks.

So last night while reading the book (I had it on my book shelf from reading it 1 time 4 years ago) I found the 3 steps to the creation process. This would be for anything you want in your life.
1. ASK
(and this is the other message I have been getting to do more of.)
2. The answer is given (by the Big U)
3. Allow it.

I struggle with #3 and you know what controls the allowing?

Yup, the book says “you allow it in through the way you feel.”

Because I’ve been given the awareness by Stan telling me “You’re grumpy more than usual”.

Personally, I chalked it up to being out of my comfort zone with transitioning from my day job to my biz full time.

So I will be diving into more journal time, after a nap I’m sure, and getting my “feelings” in much better alignment. So that I can create this group to support a lot more women.

What is your partner or spouse mirroring for you that you are not seeing or hearing?

We’re all growing in our ‪#‎MarriageJourney‬ whether you’re consciously aware of it or not.

Why not use it to make you relationship work better for you and stop the resistance it might be causing you when you don’t listen.

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