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Removing The Veil: What Type of Newlywed Wife Are You?

Removing the Veil: What Type Are You?It is common for newlywed wife to begin married life with not much thought to the type of spouse you are, let alone take the time to get curious on the type of spouse you consciously want to be.

There are a couple common traps I see over and over among many newlywed wife’s

 How controlling are you?

 Do you have the spouse-pleasing syndrome?

 Do you give it all away?

 Are you living your life or his?

 How defensive are you?

In the list above which type do you see yourself being as a newlywed wife?

And did I just hear you say “I’m a type “A” personality and I just know how to get things done, and done the right way!” As a rebuttal for “How controlling are you?”.

That response has “ego” written all over it. It’s your fears stirring up to the surface and putting you into control mode from the wrong place within you.

These might seem like your being a “good wife” but they actually build walls of resentment when you don’t get the reaction you are desiring from your new spouse.


Awareness is key. Knowing where you are at will help you to move forward in your own self-discovery of the type of newlywed wife you truly desire to be.

Take some time to complete the quizzes that will be posted up. For this series we are going to look over just the first three on the list.

The quizzes are to help you get some clarity on where you are at. I encourage you to be honest with yourself. It’s for your eyes only. You don’t have to share it with anyone else unless you want to.

Soul Connection

At the end of the series we will take the time to get curious on the type of spouse you desire to be from the inside out. After all Marriage Is An Inside Out Journey!

Let’s Help Other Newlywed Wife’s out! Share this post with some of your other newlywed wife’s so they too can discover the type of Newlywed Wife they want to be!

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