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Removing The Veil: 10 Ways to BE Love In your Relationship

Removing The Veil: 10 Ways to BE LoveLOVE – Let’s face it eludes many of us.

With its magical highs and lows, love is unpredictable and never what we expect—so much so that we might be tempted to run toward anything that we think will fill us up with love.

But if we learn to express our self at a soul level and not an ego level, you can have the relationships you are yearning for.

Here are 10 Ways To Expressing Love Fearlessly:

Be Yourself

If we want to be loved for who we truly are, why put on an act?  Know who you are from the inside out. At a soul level! Do you actively talk and listen to your soul? Or are you letting your ego run your life?

Don’t Believe Your Stories

Our interpretation of events and feelings is, in fact, just one possibility for what is actually true. Focus on what IS to get closer to the truth.

Stay Open

Our ego’s favorite pastime is to shut us down. It thinks it’s keeping us safe. But when you can be vulnerable, true connection to others is possible.

Speak Up

We become silent when instead we desperately want to connect. If you have a tendency to keep quiet, to keep the peace, then this can be harder for you. But when you silence your soul and not let it express itself; this builds up over time into bitterness, anger and resentment. Only you can speak for you!

Stop Looking For Perfection

More than likely, what we call “high standards” is a mask for our own feelings of inadequacy.

Embrace The Messiness

It gives us the gift of growth. Learn to BE in the messiness and not DO something about the messiness. This is how you will grow through the lesson faster. By Doing you fight and resist the growth.

Express All Feelings, Not Just The Happy Ones, It’s Okay to Get Mad

Learn the difference between expressing anger responsibly and dumping it. Express your frustration from your soul not your ego. Spewing your ego’s junk is not healthy for you or the person you are vomiting it onto.

If it means you need a break to get clear, then take that time to do so. That’s healthier for your soul and the other soul involved.

Love With No Thought Of What You’ll Get In Return

This is fearless love in action. Love is the essence of your soul. It’s not something you have to look for externally. It’s already within you. Your journey is about BEING it. The Love that you are within your soul! If you are one to place strings attached to your love then this one will be harder for you.

Take Responsibility

Be accountable for your own emotions, thoughts and actions. You are not responsible for anyone else’s. Yes, even your spouses!

I learned this one the hard way. I used to cover up, out of shame, the way my ex expressed himself. Which meant I was taking responsibility for his actions when it wasn’t my reasonability to own.

Love Yourself.

Only then can you love others and be loved. That old cliché is true. You can’t love someone till you love yourself first. The level of love you are yearning for, from someone else, you must first give it to yourself!

And there’s the list. Notice how the list began and ended with topics of YOU. It really is that important. I hope this list helps you to live the Love that is already within you! There is no need to search for love, or yearn for love. You just have to remember to BE love!

Would love to know which one is easy for you?  And which one is harder for you? You can share it in the comments below.

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