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Navigation, Is it only for a Road Trip? What about in your Marriage?

What popped up for you when you think of the word: Navigation?

Did you think…Let’s go on a road trip? Sweet, tell me when and where and I’ll be there..lol!

Your thoughts probably followed with the details of planning a trip. So you decided on your destination, then some thoughts on what you might do for adventures upon arrival.  Once, in your car you immediately plug in your destination into your Garamond, to help you get where you want to go. Well ok, this may be true if you’re a women…lol. A guy defiantly doesn’t think about needing directions. They tend to go about a road trip more leisurely.

The same is true in relationships for men and women. Women tend to care about the “how” of their relationship with their fiancé / hubby. They like to talk their way through and preplan for the direction they are going. Even if it is a simple evening on the home front.  Or a night on the town for a dinner date.

Men tend to go about it in a more leisurely approach, just like a road trip. There isn’t much thought or pre-planning involved for a guy. And they don’t need to talk their way through things. They tend to go with the flow of what comes up for them in the moment.

This approach by both the men and women are of the yin and yang…or feminine vs. masculine….and I bet it’s NOT the match you think it is!!

Men are using their feminine side when it comes to just going with the flow on their road trip adventure. Did that surprise you?

The approach by women is of the masculine side. How does that settle with you ladies?

A constant obsession to be in control of every second and of everything, be it a task, a project and or your relationship will only give you peace on a surface level. What’s really happening here is your feeding your ego. When you balance out your yin and yang you will be amazed at the inner peace that comes naturally.

So ladies don’t be too hard on him the next time he wants to go on a road trip and go about getting there on a whim.

I experienced this for the first time this summer on a road trip that my Stanley Man and I took for our vacation. It was blissful! We had no specific itinerary.

Remington on his first vacation

We had no set route mapped out. And since we had our puppy, Remington, of eleven months with us, we made many stops along the way for him. Our lunches were even at the roadside parks so he could be with us and not stuck in the car while we ate somewhere indoors. The only thing we had set was two things. We had a cabin picked out in Park Falls, Wisconsin, and the other planned item was the time we were pulling out of the driveway to leave. Even our arrival time home was leisurely.


For our first vacation together and a definite first for each of us, NOT to plan out all the details, it was light and relaxing. Exactly what a vacation should be!

Now what about Navigation for your Marriage? I’ll post this for you next week!

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