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How To Be Grateful For Your Spouse – Yes, Even When He’s Pushing Your Buttons

Your Spouse deserves your soul-love, not your ego-love thoughts.

So here in the US it’s Thanksgiving this week. I hope you get to celebrate in a way that makes your soul grateful. With peace, love & joy!

How To Be Grateful For Your Souse

Yes, even when your spouse is pushing your buttons you can be grateful for your spouse.

Grateful for your journey in life that you are on. I know I am.

Even on days when the whole growing thing challenges me. Or days when my Stanley pushes my buttons, like yesterday. Or my kids are pulling me in a bazillion directions when I desire to go another direction.

We get so caught up on being attached to how things “have to be” or “should be”. That we have forgotten that it’s not our responsibility. That’s our higher power’s (Divine, Source, or God, whatever you call your higher source.) job. Not ours.

We make our self-miserable by trying to control the very thing that is not our job to control.

Like our spouse maybe. Hmm, am I right?

Are you ungrateful for some actions of your spouse and the way things are in your relationship/marriage?

When you focus on those unhealthy thoughts that is your ego taking control. It’s up to you to take that control back from your ego.

I would encourage you to take this time to remember why you love your spouse and your marriage in the first place.

Yes, even when your spouse is pushing your buttons you can be grateful for your spouse.{Tweet This!}

Remember your spouse is on their own journey as much as you are on your journey.

Before you get upset or bent out of shape at the moment; realize if this an act of your ego mind making you react to the trigger that is happening.

Or if, you are going with it, then you are coming from a soul connected place instead you will not be triggered by what you spouse is doing or not doing.

Being Grateful for Your Spouse

Learning to be grateful for your spouse is a muscle you will have to build over time. If you have been so a custom to letting your ego run rampant thoughts about your spouse then this will be a challenge for you in the beginning.

But don’t be hard on yourself or let your ego win. You are letting your ego win by continuing those very thoughts that are simply making you miserable. Truth be told, those ego thoughts are what is driving a wedge between you and your spouse. Is that what you want?

I didn’t think so. The choice is yours not to have ego love, but soul love, thoughts instead. Here is an exercise to help you begin to have soul love thoughts for your spouse.

Grateful Spouse Exercise

It’s simple. Make a list, as often as you can. Daily if you need to stop a deep wedge that may already be in place. This will help you shift the ego thoughts from taking root.

Try to get 10 items on your list. No repeating items either. Unless it’s something you are super grateful for.

Example for me that I do put on my list often, about Stanley, is his help staying on top the dishes.

Coming from a prior marriage where this was all up to me, expect as the kids started to get a little older, I so appreciate this of Stanley more than I can ever express in words to him. But I do still try so that he knows it and so he doesn’t think I am not grateful for it. Ever.

So here is my list today of what I am grateful about my Stanley Man:

1. I am grateful for Stanley when he helps with running a household. Dishes. Floor-sweeping. Laundry – towels, bedding (sheets), and our clothes. (My kids, since about the age of 10, have been doing their own laundry.)

2. I am grateful for Stanley’s help with dinners. Not just sharing the meal making, but the cleanup when were done eating. Nine times out of ten we just work together to get it done. In minutes versus a lot longer if we each did it on our own.

3. I am grateful for Stanley when he takes the time to teach my kids when the need arises. Especially when he teaches them to have respect toward me.

4. I am grateful for Stanley for enjoying this hunting season with Sam. Especially since this is a hobby that he and I enjoy doing together for “us time”.

5. I am grateful for Stanley when he knows the exact spot, in my lower back, that needs rubbed at that time of the month for me.

6. I am grateful for Stanley allowing me time to grow, on my own, while I build my business.

7. I am grateful for Stanley when he loves my boobs. Yes, even while I may be cooking dinner, folding laundry, reading, writing, doing my hair. Whenever really. Because I need it in that moment and I have learned to love myself so that I stopped pushing love away.

8. I am grateful for the times he, Stanley, makes me grow as a person. I wished I would have kept a journal of all these mirror lessons the last five years. But I am committed to changing that going forward so that I have these recorded. Especially for times that pop up like when my daughter asked me “why him, mom? Of all the guys out there; Why Him?”

9. I am grateful for Stanley making me laugh. I tend to take things serious all the time. I’m still a work in progress for letting this go. But, he makes me laugh, even when I’m having a meltdown/healing moment from my childhood. And there has been plenty of those the last five years.

10. I am grateful for Stanley being grounded in who he is. This helps me grow so much because it was one of my weakest areas. I need the reflection, from him – my mirror so that I could rediscover this about myself.

Your Turn!

Have fun writing your list about why you are grateful for your spouse.

I’d love to hear what you thought, felt or experience while writing your “I am grateful” list for your spouse? No, you don’t have to share it with your spouse. Unless you feel the desire, from your soul, too.

Did you feel you shifted out of ego love thoughts and into soul love thoughts? Remember, this is an ongoing daily thing to control. It’s not a one and done.

Share below in the comments what this exercise did for you. I can’t wait to read them.

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