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Do You Wish Your Spouse Really Understood You?

Do you find yourself constantly yearning for your spouse to understand you more?  You desire for him to see through to the core you.

Do You Wish Your Spouse Really Understood You

Your spouse will understand you when you understand you!

You often find yourself thinking…

  • “Why doesn’t he just love me?”
  • “Why doesn’t he just know what I want? After all, we have lived together for some time now!”
  • “Why doesn’t he just read my mind by now?”

And the war within you begins against your spouse.

When you ask & think these questions you might think there perfectly normal and okay to ask and expect of your spouse.

Listen carefully, the truth is, these thoughts are coming from your stinking ego mind.

Your ego is creating a false illusion that these are perfectly normal expectations of your spouse. THERE NOT!  Again that’s your ego telling you so.

Trust me. How do I know about this war within? Because I live it every day. Some days are harder than others, but I am so much happier now that I learned to control my stinking ego thoughts.

I learned to not let my ego mind control my thoughts and life. This is an everyday job. Yes! But it does get easier over time. You’ll have to learn what set’s your ego off. Then you’ll learn how to control it.

Your Spouse, By Design

One thing to remember here too, your spouse by design, is a mirror for you. A mirror to help you do the work of healing your past and present hurts. Not do it for you. Your spouse is a witness to your journey. And vise-a-verse, you can’t do his journey for him. Been there. Done that. It’s not for me ever again!

This is what your spouse was designed for. To be a mirror for you to grow toward your higher self.

The truth is; why are you expecting your spouse to ______________, {fill in the blank with a desire you are expecting of your spouse} for you?

I know we have been so accustomed to this thinking. I too was raised to expect others to…

Fulfill me.

See me.

Love me.

and to Complete me.

And don’t even get me started on the just love me. Boy did I yearn for this! How about you? Have you been there?

Through many lessons, yes many. I’m a bit slow sometimes when it comes to my feminine side, okay.

I finally got the lesson deep in my soul.  Cause it’s one thing for you to know (think) it with your mind. But it’s a whole other level for you to embody this knowing/ understanding of these lessons.

That lesson, that knowing is that….IT’S MY RESPONSIBILITY TO LOVE MYSELF or that which I’m desiring from my spouse or others.

It must be given to me, by me. Not anyone else.

So for you, it must be given to you, by you!

I’ve stopped over-giving my love and my time to anyone else. I, my soul, deserves as much of that, more actually, then the level of which I give to others.

When you understand you than your spouse and others will too. Tweet that!

Example right now to tell if your ego is controlling you. Is it telling you I flipped this post on you? That it’s about you and you still don’t see how to get your spouse to understand you. Then your ego is running your life. Just like mine did to me for so long.

How long will you let your ego control you and your relationship/marriage?

Your Spouse Will Understand You When You Understand You

Ouch! I know so many truths coming at you in this post, huh? I just hope you hear it over or ego. My hope is for you to hear this on a soul level.

So the real question you can ask is… Do You Really Understand You?

When I say “ask” I mean to take some time and journal with your soul. The “thoughts” will come through your intuition, your soul’s way of communicating with you. Don’t let your thinking ego mind answer this question for you.

Where are you expecting your spouse to understand you more? Take a look at the reflection and check to see if it’s a mirror for you.

Is your soul trying to get you to take the time to discover you? You on a soul level. It may be that your shedding an old belief, or story, of who you thought you were or are.

I want to hear from you…

Tell me in the comments below…

Have your expectations of your spouse changed?

Did you discover some things about yourself that you were unaware of?

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