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Bride and Newlywed Advise: Marriage Is An Inside Out Journey!

In the beginning, it is common to focus on the outside parts of marriage. There are plenty of blogs out there to encourage you to focus on learning to cook or how to style your first home together.  Or even start a hobby together. You could also find yourself focusing on the other person and the life you are creating together.

By focusing on just the external, you will miss the most rewarding part of your journey.

The most important thing is what is happening on the inside of you!

This is a time to honor and embrace the transformation you are experiencing.  Some of the exploration should be done privately and some can be done together but remember…..

A healthy marriage will make you grow from the inside out!  Tweet this!

As a newlywed you may not understand the unsettling feelings you have. Or why these feelings have surfaced.

You may even begin to question yourself on the choice you made to commit to this person.

This is not uncommon. I find for many brides and newlyweds there is a disconnection between the expectations and the meaning of what marriage is designed for.

There are two elements that every bride and newlywed should know.  Understanding these two keys is essential to avoid slipping into the Newlywed Blues.

Element 1: You are in phase three of your Life Rite of Passage  and it’s not complete. This phase can last up to your 5th wedding anniversary, or more. Being unconscious of this transition can cause problems. However, just intellectualizing the process doesn’t mean you become at peace with it.

When you are consciously aware of your life rite of passage, you will understand that it’s normal to go through. No one is exempt from this happening.

Honoring and embracing your life rite of passage helps to avoid the “fighting from within” to occur, which will begin to show outwardly if not brought into awareness. It will show in your relationships with your parents, siblings, friends, your new in-laws and could even show with your new spouse.

Element 2: Know what your husband was designed to Be for you. Many brides and newlywed wives have misconceptions about their husband’s role. (Here is a post I wrote about it: “Stop expecting that from him”)

Your Husband was designed to be a mirror for you and a witness to your journey.

That’s it!

Have you ever been frustrated and said or thought:

  • “You complete me”
  • “Pay attention to me, I’m lonely”
  • “Why doesn’t he love me?”

Have you followed up his lack of actions or interest by thinking “What’s wrong with me?” when he doesn’t do something with and/or for you that you are expecting.

Have you fallen into a trap about what you think your husband is meant to do for you?

If you find yourself struggling with either of these elements or facing the “Newlywed Blues,” then please contact me for your Newlywed Blues Breakthrough Session.

You do not have to struggle alone through your newlywed years.

Hope this has helped you to begin to understand what marriage and your husband is for. If you know of another newlywed wife who is struggling with her transition into marriage, please pass this on to her.  Together we can help more women who are hiding behind their wedding veil, secretly thinking; “what have I done? And asking herself; “Is this what marriage really is?” So she too, can enjoy their newlywed years.


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