Empowering Newly Married Women Through The First Years Of Marriage.

Jennifer Slack the Relationship wispirer for women

Please take a moment to read before hiring Jennifer.

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you become a Self-Love & Relationship or Marriage Coach for women?

Jennifer Slack Pre-Marriage Counselor

During my years of wedding planning, I coached couples to plan their dream day together. In the beginning stages of planning, a lot of grooms would not be a part of planning their wedding. At certain phases of the planning, I would require that you both be present. Once I had the groom in front of me, in person, I’d say to him, “If you can’t help plan the details of your dream day together, then why are you getting married?” He would ponder it for a moment and then I would follow up with; “At different points in your marriage, you will be faced with decisions that need to be made. If you can’t do simple wedding plans together like picking table and centerpiece décor, or how the ceremony will go, then how will you be during your marriage on decisions that need to be done together?”

Most grooms don’t have much to say back to me in that moment. I, however, know I have their attention. I follow up with one more food for thought by saying: “During your marriage you will have household decisions to make when it comes to owning a home or having kids. Knock on wood, you ever have to be put in a place that one of your children are in the hospital, it is likely that the two of you will have to make decisions about your child’s well-being together. So I encourage you to use this time now to begin practicing working together. As it prepares you for your marriage communication and it will show you in your everyday life how it will reflect on you both for your dream day and to be like.”

I am happy to say that from that point in the planning groom’s were 100% involved and would come up to me at some point and thank them me for encouraging them to be a part of it. They even would say in confidence that they enjoyed it.

So you see I’ve been guiding couples in their new life together all long. I have a huge desire to help all daughters, and those grooms who do come around eventually, to educate them on Love & Marriage, because I see this as being the missing key to our marriage failure rate that is increasing daily in our society.

We love your premarital and newlywed services and {portfolio – In the Spotlight}, and your packages sound great. So, can you tell us what sets you apart from all the other counselors out there?

What sets me apart from other marriage counselors, and ministers/pastors who conduct pre-marital counseling or marriage therapy is my services are not religious based, but spiritual based. I won’t be telling you that you must attend church together or pray together. Those choices are yours to make, if and when you feel it is right for you as a couple.

Happy Newlyweds

I take the time to learn what your present views of Love & Marriage are; then I move into my signature system Love Thy Marriage Soul™ apart of this is where I help build your marriage foundation based on the couple. Eliminating a rough start because most couples begin their marriage on conditioned beliefs from those who have touched their lives so far, and it is not even their beliefs that they are carrying with them. I see this causes a lot of wedding blues and distance in couples because it’s viewed as taboo to get help. When in reality we are educating ourselves, isn’t that what we do when we go to college, so we obtain a better job and make something of our life? So then why should it be seen as a sign of weakness, but rather the right first step couples do to begin that life together that they are picturing marriage life to be?

Sounds so great. But, it also seems expensive. Are we going to be able to afford all this?

Take a look at the divorce rate in our country, or even in your county where you live, what does that tell you about how people view the value of marriage? Yes, I’m even one of those statistics.

You see no one took the time to sit with me on my bed or take walks with me in our neighborhood park and explain to me what Love is or what Marriage is. I know I’m not the only one either; there are many other daughters out there who no one took the time to educate them on love and marriage either. Did anyone take the time to do this with you?

What is the average cost of a divorce right now? Depending on your assets, and child custody issues a divorce can run $5K and up words. Most couples who have gotten divorced have spent the same on their wedding or higher to get divorced.

Who do you work best with?

You will gain the most from working with me if you want your marriage to be:

  • The picture perfect life that YOU paint it to be, or
  • The perfect storybook of YOUR telling, or
  • The song YOU sing

All to express in the way YOU want it to be. After all, no one else can do this for you; it has to come from YOU!

What will be your marriage legacy be? This is what other generations take witness of (especially your children if you choose to have children)?

Who is not going to benefit from my help?

Someone who is not willing to do the inner work that is asked of them in between our sessions. Or, if you think the other person needs to be fixed, then this program isn’t for you.

My work is getting you to know your soul. If you are not willing to look in the mirror first, then you will not be able to begin to know your partner’s soul or your marriage soul! PERIOD!

Do you take credit cards and can we have a payment plan?

Yes, we have a payment plan that tailored to you and the program you select. If a monthly payment plan is best for you, this works great for me; there is an initial deposit required. Then the remaining balance is divided into monthly payments for the duration of the program you have selected.

Do you work with just couples or will you work with individuals too, because I’m just not sure I can get him to do this?

LOL…I understand, and yes I will work with both couples and individuals who are in the process of getting married or is a newlywed. In fact just because he, or she, might not be on board that’s perfectly fine. I commend those individuals who don’t hold themselves back from wanting to understand more of themselves. Often time’s people don’t realize the power of one! When one wittiness the other person doing it then it gives them the window to see through that it’s not scary, or a waste of time, or silly? Most likely it’s just the conditioning the have been subject to around this that I find that is holding them back from taking that initial first step.

Some individuals will remain that way through the entire process, and some do turn into couples. Just be honest with yourself about your desire so that you are not disappointed if the other person doesn’t come forward at this time to go through the process too.

Sounds like everything we’ve been looking for. What happens next to start the process?

Awesome! The next step is for you to fill out the contact form and I will get back to you within 48 to schedule a complimentary discovery session. Giving you the opportunity to talk one on one with me to see if we are a right fit for each other.

I’ll discuss the different packages with you so that we find the one that works for you, and to describe my process in more detail with you based on the package that is fitting for you.

May we contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

Yes, absolutely! The brides, grooms, and newlyweds have become fans of my Love Thy Marriage Soul community and would be more than willing to speak to other potential brides about their experience with Love Thy Marriage Soul.

We have a couple more questions before getting started. Can I call you to discuss this further?

Please contact me with any further questions or concerns that you have. You can reach by the contact form or email. Can’t wait to talk with you soon and congratulations on your engagement or your wedding day if it has already taken place!