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A Spring Soul Cleansing – {Part I}

Spring fever means Spring Soul Cleansing is in the air…. okay, I know your used to hearing “Spring Cleaning”….but why not a spring soul cleansing for both your soul and your marriage soul?

I don’t know about you, but I am glad we have begun our spring season. The rain is falling, the birds are singing, and flowers are starting to bloom. Soon the trees will be budding too.

As mother earth is waking up from a long winter, I am finding that I am yearning, from a place deep within, for a soul cleansing.  Like the spring flowers, I am ready to blossom (awaken) and draw from the richness of the mother earth and connect to a deeper part of my soul.  Not only am I feeling this for my own soul, but for the soul of my sacred partnership, with my Stanley Man.

How about you, do you feel something tugging at you, just ready to burst of new fresh “spring like” growth?

Were you raised with spring cleaning of your home?

I wasn’t, but there were plenty of people in my life that did do a spring cleaning. When spring arrived I couldn’t wait to be outside more, barefoot-in-all and enjoying the warmth of the sun. Those days can’t get here soon enough…lol.

Spring cleaning of your living environment is important. As it gives you a chance to purge what no longer serves you. When you keep household items and projects that are unfinished they only weight on you, your soul, creating a heavy energy that does not serve you. This creates a stagnate energy in your environment and life.

Your ego may even tell you to keep that unfinished project so that you don’t seem like a failure. I encourage you to ask: “Does this project serve me, your soul, in the now (present tense), to finish it?” Feel the answer from within. The answer shouldn’t come from your head!

Your home is only one piece of spring cleaning that should be done. Our society has put emphasis on something external when it comes to this erg for spring cleaning. Do you feel an erg to shed the old winter layers? I know…I know, it’s not quite warm enough here to shed the coat even.

Why not take the time now to cleanse your soul, while it’s still a little chilly outside to open up and air the house out.

Blossoming Soul

Try a Spring Soul Cleansing

I encourage you this spring to not only do a spring cleaning on your home but of your soul and your marriage soul.

Because this is journey, and not a race, I am breaking the Soul Discover, Awaken & Strengthening tips up into three postings. Hope you enjoy your spring cleansing journey!

Soul Awakening Tip:

  • Soul: Get curious. Take the time and journal with your soul. So that you can awaken to a deeper sense of your soul’s love and worth. This will open up space so the new growth can come forth that you feel emerging to the surface.
  • Body: Yes your body deserves some love too.  I have scheduled my very first pedicure and ionic detox at a local spa. I am planning for a massage as well.  In what way can you show your body some love?
  • Mind: We tend to look at what is missing in our life and sit and dwell on this. Take the time to retrain your mind in what to look for to celebrate instead.  Purge those old beliefs that no longer serve you.

Will you join me this spring in a soul cleansing?

I would love to hear what you did to cleanse your soul and your sacred partnership soul. Come share on our Facebook community so we can celebrate and encourage you on your journey!!!

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