Empowering Newly Married Women Through The First Years Of Marriage.

A Soul Journey of a Bride to Wife of 5 years!

Once upon a time, 5 years ago, there was a girl named Jodi. She was living with her boyfriend, Drew, for 4 years. The time finally arrived and they wanted to set a date for their wedding. His mother wouldn’t approve of them getting married till they had been together for 5 years.  Rather than wait until they reached the 5 year mark they hit year four and set the date for the following year. This began her journey from Bride to Wife!

I got the joy of planning their wedding with them. It was great to watch them grow as a couple all the way up to the wedding day.   Jodi has no trouble speaking up for what she want’s. She does a very nice job with her honoring her power (she’s now learning integrity for her self with it).  She and Drew knew what they wanted and that’s what her and Drew did. There was times that other’s felt it was their “right” or “obligation” to get things they wanted for the wedding. This is how most live their life, from their Ego.

This past fall they had their 5th Anniversary.  A couple months prior I got a call from Jodi.  I could hear the pain and disappointment in her voice saying “this is not what I signed up for, as my marriage”.

She proceeds to describe everything she hates about her husband, Drew. From what he doesn’t do to his eating sounds and portions.

I asked Jodi “If she felt better for getting it all out?” she said “a little but there is something not right. Something has to change. I want my marriage, but I don’t want to feel like this anymore!”

I asked Jodi “Do you know yourself? Jodi do you think it’s at all possible that all these nagging issue’s you have mentioned in the last hour to me are a reflection of how you truly are feeling about yourself?”

There was nothing but silence, and for some time. I let her really soak in what I just said to her.

After a reasonable amount of time:  I said “let’s take one of the issue’s you have brought up: Drew’s weight and eating habits. Can you honestly say that Him not carrying about the portions he eats, when and what are not how you truly feel to some level on the inside about you about your weight and eating habits?” Again silence.

Silence is good. If she was speaking to speak and defending the statement I knew she wasn’t ready to proceed. I knew she desired to know understand what was going on.

The reason we pick our partners for marriage that we do: they are a mirror for you. The YOU within, your soul!

Your Groom is a reflection for you within!

Your Groom is a reflection for you within!

However society trains us to look outside our self at people and things as the issue. When tempers are flared up and boiling, it’s time to turn inwards. These are ego actions and you want soul actions. Going inward to your soul so you can discover why you are reacting the way we are.

The more you avoid turning inward the more disgusted and irritated you will become toward people and things, filling up with hatred or worse turning to another source of ego fulfillment like drugs, cigarettes, food or alcohol. Can you relate to any of those ego fulfillment’s?

Pushing over and over at the ones you love, especially a sacred partner, will only work for so long. Then they will get tired of your actions and words.

Be aware, awareness is the key, to shifting your choice of where the actions, words or thoughts are coming from: The Ego or Your Soul!

Your soul’s essence is LOVE. Infuse your actions and words with the energy of LOVE!

Jodi is on a daily journey of living from her soul. Learning how to shift the old beliefs that have helped feed her ego that she was living from for so long. And wish she would have known to discover her soul before she got married. She said to me “Why weren’t you doing this when I was getting married, because now having a husband and 3 daughters makes this hard, to discover me,some days!”.

How long will you wait (letting your ego being in control) till you decide you are worthy of the marriage you desire, from a deep place within you?

That is my mission here at LTMS to help “YOU” in understanding your soul, it’s the #1 key to living your “Happily Ever After”.

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