Empowering Newly Married Women Through The First Years Of Marriage.

Helping Married Women Unlock Their Marriage Potential!

Is your married life not meeting your expectations of marriage?…

You’re in the right place.

Many women experience this during the early years of marriage.

You might be asking yourself:

“Is this what a marriage really is?”

Your might be wondering:

 Did I marry the wrong person?

 I feel lonely and unloved.

 You are spending a lot of time thinking about ALL the things you want to fix in him?

  You feel a tug-a-war on the inside between your childhood family and your new spouse/family.

When you ask your friends for advice they might say:

  Find a hobby together.

  Focus on designing your home.

  Take some cooking lessons.

  Have a party to show off the picture of your wedding.

But you know that’s really not going to solve what’s really bothering you. Those are just outer fixes.

You are not alone!

Many newly married women silently experience the “In Between Phase”.

What you really desire and need is the support to understand what’s really happening within your marriage and within you! And that’s what I’m here to help you do.

Hi, I’m Jennifer, and I’m passionate about empowering newly married women on love and marriage so that you can thrive in those early years of marriage.

I’m on a mission to stop so many women walking down the aisle into their marriage blindly and alone with no support to grow and blossom.

Think about it. We have been raised to go to college and get an education for a better career.

So where is the education on Love, Marriage and A Husband…Oh My!?

If you are like me, I was not guided on any of the above from any women in my family. Where you?

Your can read more about me and my story here.

Your Next Step

I’m here to help and support you in those confusing years of your married life.

I have created a closed FB Group for women to get support so you can grow and thrive.

Come request to join the FB Group here. The group is called Soul Love Relationship Club.

See you on the blog & in the group, Jen