Helping Brides & Newlywed Wives on their #Yes2IDo Journey

Preparing for Marriage: Have you ever thought about or considered this?

If you are Engaged, a Bride-to-Be, or a Newlywed…

Marriage Vows

You’re in the right place!

Are you in the planning stages of your dream wedding day? Or has your dream come and gone and you’re now a newlywed couple?

During this time you are moving through a major life rite of passage.  Are you embracing these rites of passage?

You will soon be stepping away from the single life and into a new rolls as husband and/or wife?

How would you describe your feelings during this time?

Did you describe your inner turmoil in any of these ways?

  • Do you feel giddy with joy? or Do you feel resentful and reserved?
  • Do you feel you are in turmoil on the inside trying to please everyone with inter-grading their ideas into your dream day?
  • Do you feel numb to what is really happening to you, and is showing through in your lack of planning?
  • Are you even enjoying the process of planning?

Did you say yes to any of these questions?

You are not alone!

It’s very common for anyone going through these phases in life to feel depleted, and blue, or even feel isolated. As women we feel the need to bare a lot on our shoulders. To further carry that burden we feel we are looked upon badly when we want to get guidance or help.

There is nothing wrong with wanting guidance and support, or simply to educate yourself.  What better time to get it.  You are starting a new chapter in your journey. After all don’t most of us go to college, to get a better job?

Here at Love Thy Marriage Soul we would love to help you in preparing for marriage. When you take the time to create a foundation, you will have a Deeper Love, and Deeper Connection, for an enriched, happy marriage.

Love Thy Marriage Soul is a place for couples to spiritually understand they are creating their soul of their marriage upon their union.  You can walk down the aisle with anyone, but to build a life together that you love, you have to know your own soul.  Then as a couple you can Discover, awaken and Strengthen your partner and marriage souls!!!

To get started you can join our community on Face Book, or read blog post for free tips to create a rich marriage foundation. Can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Love & Joy,